Modelica library for Physiology (version 2.3.1)


The origin of this Modelica Physiolibrary was in the first version of our HumMod Golem Edition model implementation, where it was called HumMod.Library. As the successors of Guyton's Medical Physiology School write, the original HumMod model is “The best, most complete, mathematical model of human physiology ever created”.

We are also developing many types of smaller physiological models for use in medical education, so it was essential to separate this library from our HumMod Modelica implementation. This separation improves the quality of the next HumMod release and provides a useful Modelica library to modelers in this bioscience.

The library contains only carefully-chosen elementary physiological laws, which are the basis of more complex physiological processes. For example from only two type of blocks (Chemical.ChemicalReaction and Chemical.Substance) it is possible to compose the allosteric transitions or the Michaelis-Menten equation.

Physiology is a very progressive discipline, that examines how the living body works. And it is no surprise that all processes in the human body are driven by physical laws of nature. The great challenge is to marry old empirical experiments with the “new” physical principles. Many teams and projects in the word deal with this formalization of physiology, for example: Physiome, SBML, EuroPhysiome, VPH, CellML etc. It is our hope that this library helps this unflagging effort of physiologists to exactly describe the processes.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

Name Description
Physiolibrary.UsersGuide UsersGuide User's Guide
Physiolibrary.Hydraulic Hydraulic Domain with Pressure and Volumetric Flow
Physiolibrary.Thermal Thermal Domain with Temperature and Heat Flow - extension of Modelica.Thermal.HeatTransfer
Physiolibrary.Population Population Domain for populatiom models for cells, viruses, bacterias, tissues, organism etc.
Physiolibrary.SteadyStates SteadyStates Dynamic Simulation / Steady State
Physiolibrary.Icons Icons Icons for physiological models
Physiolibrary.Types Types Physiological units with nominals
Physiolibrary.Blocks Blocks Base Signal Blocks Library
Physiolibrary.Chemical Chemical Please use 'Chemical' library instead!
Physiolibrary.Osmotic Osmotic Please use 'Chemical' library instead!

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