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One of the basic phenomenon of biological systems is the osmotically-driven flow of water. This is always connected with semipermeable membranes. The different concentrations of impermeable solutes on both sides of the membrane causes the hydrostatic pressure at the concentrated side to rise. This pressure difference is called osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure is linearly proportional to the concentration gradient of impermeable solutes. The osmolarity (osmotic concentration) is also one of the main indexes of human body balance, called homeostasis. Its value should not significantly deviate for a long period of time from a value of 285-295 mosm/l.

In Physiolibrary the osmotic connector OsmoticPort is composed of the osmotic concentration and the volumetric flux of permeable liquid. The two main blocks are called Membrane and OsmoticCell. Here, inside the membrane blocks, it is of course possible to also define hydraulic pressure and temperatures effects on both sides of membrane.

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Physiolibrary.Osmotic.Examples Examples Examples that demonstrate usage of the Osmotic flow components
Physiolibrary.Osmotic.Components Components  
Physiolibrary.Osmotic.Sensors Sensors  
Physiolibrary.Osmotic.Sources Sources  
Physiolibrary.Osmotic.Interfaces Interfaces  

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